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Tennessee Restaraunt Carry bill vetoed by Gov Bredesen.

Posted by emeraldgryphon on Friday, 29 May 2009

Wow. Just wow. newsish link here.

I’ll let all the political evaluation be done by those with better insight than me. For example, SayUncle has a good (though short) roundup of reactions, including this little gem:

I guess he really doesn’t have future aspirations for political office in the state.

That really about sums it up. As a gun owner and licensed carrier here in Tennessee, i am particularly upset that our Governor doesn’t believe that our citizens are as mentally competent as those of ALL our neighboring states. yes, thats right, every state that touches Tennessee allows people with a permit to carry in restaurants as long as they are not drinking. Virginia goes as far as requiring that the weapon be carried openly.

Is this so hard? The Governor wants to restrict a fundamental civil right based not on any evidence but on his gut. I’m sorry, that is neither the power nor function of government. Gut feelings (all guns are bad, m’kay? Unless I am the one directing the usage of those guns!) don’t pass constitutional muster as ‘providing a compelling state interest’ to restrict a fundamental civil right.

I don’t need a nanny. I just need to be left alone.

In the immortal wods of Captain Mal Reynolds, “I’m done runnin’. I aim to misbehave”





h/t instapundit


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The Unpossible Crime

Posted by emeraldgryphon on Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Via SayUncle:

2 people shot at a violence prevention rally in a city park in Oklahoma City. The problem here is that this is an unpossible crime, since carrying a weapon in a public park is illegal in Oklahoma. Since there is a law against it, it can’t happen, right? Thats why we need to keep places like parks and schools prohibited (For the Children!!) so that this cant happen, right? 

/sarc off

Simple minded (but oh-so well meaning!) idiots prevent people who choose to arm themselves and train to protect their families from carrying at city parks. Therefore, the only people carrying at a city park are CRIMINALS, fer chrissake! And this is what you get!





EDIT: Well, thanks to commenter ka on SayUncle, i went back and re-read the statute. OK statute 21-1277 Section A is what limits carry locations. Section B is exceptions. Parks are in Section B, so they are perfectly legal to carry in. I somehow missed the section change. As they tell me, Reading Is Fundamental !(lol)

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