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The Unpossible Crime

Posted by emeraldgryphon on Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Via SayUncle:

2 people shot at a violence prevention rally in a city park in Oklahoma City. The problem here is that this is an unpossible crime, since carrying a weapon in a public park is illegal in Oklahoma. Since there is a law against it, it can’t happen, right? Thats why we need to keep places like parks and schools prohibited (For the Children!!) so that this cant happen, right? 

/sarc off

Simple minded (but oh-so well meaning!) idiots prevent people who choose to arm themselves and train to protect their families from carrying at city parks. Therefore, the only people carrying at a city park are CRIMINALS, fer chrissake! And this is what you get!





EDIT: Well, thanks to commenter ka on SayUncle, i went back and re-read the statute. OK statute 21-1277 Section A is what limits carry locations. Section B is exceptions. Parks are in Section B, so they are perfectly legal to carry in. I somehow missed the section change. As they tell me, Reading Is Fundamental !(lol)


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