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Fred Thompson Blogburst

Posted by emeraldgryphon on Thursday, 27 December 2007

So, there is a blogburst for Fred! asking people to donate for the last Iowa push. Rick Moran from Right Wing Nuthouse is asking bloggers for Fred! to push the button and support the man. I am a Fred! supporter, as I feel that he is the only real small-gov’t conservative runing in this race. He is a federalist, pure and simple, and believes in the constitutional requirement that the Federal Gov’t only has the powers specifically granted to it in the Constitution. All other powers are reserved to the States, and through them to the People. This is what the Constitution says, and I finally can hear a presidential candidate actually talking about enforcing the constitution. It’s amazing, in this era of bloated government that someone is actually talking about what powers the Feds have that they should not. Listen to some of it here… you won’t be disappointed.



PS, I cant embed the contribute link in the post, it’s just off to the left there.. please hit it if you want to help get the best candidate in the current field into the presidential race.


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  2. Stix Blog said

    Fred Thompson BlogBurst

    Update at the bottom**** Well it is getting very close to the day the first caucus begins and Fred Thompson needs our help. We need to help him get out his message out and show that he is the true

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