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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

Posted by emeraldgryphon on Thursday, 15 February 2007

So I was thinking about Wytammic’s comment to my post about the return of the ugly gun law, and I was struck by how far from party principles some of the candidates are. For instance, you have Rudy Guiliani running as a republican, but he is an anti-gun, big gov’t, socially liberal, more police power exec. He is basically a tax cutting democrat with the cojones to fight the terrorists overseas. (that still is a big plus, though). On the other hand, you have Bill Richardson running as a democrat. He is pro-gun, tax-cutting, and socially moderate. Unfortunately, he is anti-constitutional like all Dems.  (Federal gov’t health care) and he doesn’t even talk about social security and medicare (also unconstitutional) And then of course he buys into the fallacy of anthropogenic global warming. I can’t in good faith support either of them at this time, but their histories on issues that are traditionally from the other side of the political spectrum give me pause.

I’m pretty moderate on a lot of things, but the one thing I don’t tolerate is a politician that intends to work against the constitution. Thats why I tend to vote R for federal gov’t and D or I for local and state government. Unfortunately the front runners of both major parties do just that. Then you have Ron Paul, and while I agree on his take on most issues, he is too far of an isolationist big-L libertarian for me. Its early yet in this campaign cycle, and a lot of things will shake out as a result of the primary process, but I really wonder if the compromises we will have to make will contribute to the slow degradation of our constitutional republic.




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